How to Set Up Your Premium Account

After upgrading to HiHello Basic or HiHello Professional, follow this guide to learn how to customize your digital business cards with custom colors, a personalized card link, and a branded QR code.

If you’ve recently signed up for HiHello Basic or HiHello Professional—the two new premium digital business card plans for individuals—you may be wondering, “What now?”. Whether you’re new to HiHello or recently upgraded to a premium account, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to get the most out of your plan. 

Download the mobile HiHello app

If you’re new to HiHello, you should download the HiHello app from the App Store or Google Play Store. On the mobile app, you’ll be able to:

  • Create, edit, and share your digital business cards
  • Manage your contacts
  • Scan paper business cards
Download HiHello on the App Store or on Google Play.

Most people primarily use the mobile app to share and make any on-the-go updates to their digital business card. If you prefer using a computer, you’ll be able to do everything you could on the mobile app in the HiHello web app (and more!).

Log in to your account on a computer

New and existing users both have access to the web app, which can be accessed at any time by logging into the HiHello website. In addition to creating, editing, and sharing your cards, on the web app, you’ll be able to:

  • Set additional card customizations (HiHello Basic, Professional, and Business only)
  • Download virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet
  • Create email signatures for Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail

Use your mobile login credentials to sign in and you should see all your cards and contacts on the web. If you need any assistance logging into your account on a computer, make sure you have the latest version of the mobile app, and then go to HiHello Settings → Use the desktop app. You’ll be emailed a link that you can use to log in on your computer.

Access even more digital business card features with the HiHello web app.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the premium customizations that are only configurable on the web app. If you’re new to HiHello and need additional help with setting up your cards, we recommend reading the blog post, “A Guide to Digital Business Cards” before continuing, and then come back to learn how to make these additional customizations.

How to customize your business cards with HiHello Basic and HiHello Professional

While most features are accessible through the iOS and Android apps, there are a few customizations that can only be configured in the web app. Once these customizations are set, they’ll be reflected on your mobile app:

  • Custom colors
  • Personalized URL
  • Branded QR code

When you’re ready to customize these items, you’ll need to head on over to your computer and log in to the HiHello web app. Remember, once these customizations are made on the web, you’ll be able to see your updated colors, link, and QR code in your iOS or Android app.

How to set custom colors on your business card

With any premium account, you can customize the colors on your digital business card. You’re always welcome to use one of our preset colors, but if you prefer to use your own you can select a color from the color wheel, use the color matching tool, or enter in specific RGB values.

On the web app, click your card to edit it, and in Edit mode you’ll see four different color types to include on your card:

  1. Primary color - The primary color is the main color of your card design, and is visible on the wave and icons. It also appears on any hashtags or @mentions. 
  2. Secondary color - The secondary color is visible on any buttons. For example, the “SAVE CONTACT” button would be in the secondary color.
  3. Primary accent - The primary accent is visible on the symbols inside the icons.
  4. Secondary accent - The secondary accent is visible on any text inside any buttons. For example, the words “Save Contact” would be in the secondary accent.

Once you set your colors, click Save to see how your card looks and make any adjustments asneeded

With HiHello Basic and HiHello Professional you can customize the colors on your digital business card.

How to personalize the link to your business card

With HiHello Professional, you can personalize the link to your digital business card. The link will always begin with the prefix “” but you can customize anything that goes after the “/.” (For example, you could set the link to your card as To set a custom link, click your card, go to Card Settings and click “Custom link", type in the new slug, and then save. 

This feature is only available on HiHello Professional and HiHello Business (a premium plan for teams). If you would like to upgrade your account from Basic to Professional, you can do so on our Pricing page.

Create a custom link for your digital business card with HiHello Professional.

How to include your logo in your QR code

With HiHlello Professional you can insert a logo into your QR code for optimal branding. Go to Card Settings and click “QR code” and you’ll be able to upload your logo as a .jpg or .png. This logo should be a square logo, ideally 332x332 so that it can fit in the available space on the QR code. 

With HiHello Professional you can insert your company's logo into your virtual business card's QR code.

While these three features—custom colors, personalized link, and branded QR code—are currently only configurable on the web app, you can make all other adjustments to your digital business cards on the mobile app, if you prefer.

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