How to Sync HiHello with Google Contacts on the Web App

Syncing with Google Contacts allows you to easily access all your connections across both platforms. The guide will cover how to sync with Google Contacts on the HiHello web app.

Syncing to Google Contacts allows you to easily access all of your contacts on HiHello, and all of your HiHello contacts on Google Contacts. This means that whenever you receive a digital business card (or become live contacts), that person’s contact information will automatically appear in your Google Contacts. 

Once you log into the HiHello web app, complete the following steps to set up Google Contact syncing:

1. Go to Settings and under “Sync Contacts” click “Add Account”

To sync HiHello with Google Contacts, go to Settings and click Add Account.

2. Click “Sync”

Next, click Sync to start syncing your Google Contacts with HiHello.

3. Choose an account and click “Allow”

Choose which Google account you want to use for Google Contact syncing with HiHello.

4. Choose one or more contact groups

Choose which HiHello contact groups you want to sync with Google Contacts.

5. Done! Your contacts will appear in about an hour.

You have successfully synced your Google Contacts with HiHello!

We also allow for Google Contact syncing on the HiHello iOS app.

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