Business Card

Scan any physical business cards you receive with the mobile app and within 24-48 business hours, we’ll transcribe the card and add it to your address book.

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HiHello business card scanner

Card scanner

We get it—some people still use paper business cards. HiHello has a human-verified business card scanner so you can scan any paper cards you receive. 

A paper business card getting scanned into a phone.
HiHello business card scanner turning a paper business card into a digital contact.

Human verification

Most automated business card scanners aren’t perfect, but they should be. There’s no room for error when it comes to transcribing contact information, so we personally review every card scan within 24 hours and make sure all the information on the card is digitized correctly.

Address book contacts

After we transcribe your new contact’s information, it’s added to your Self-Healing Address Book™. You’ll always have your new contact’s information on-hand, and can easily request an update if you believe any information has become outdated.

Learn more about how our Self-Healing Address Book works →

Example of HiHello's free Self-Healing Address Book and contact manager. Contacts are organized into groups.