Introducing Premium Digital Business Cards

We’re excited to officially announce the launch of three premium plans: HiHello Basic, HiHello Professional, and HiHello Business.

What do you get when you combine hundreds of inbound requests, countless Zoom calls, and months of hair-pulling hard work?


You read that right—after much anticipation, HiHello’s highly-requested premium digital business card plans are now available!

HiHello now has three plans for individuals (Free, Basic, and Professional) and one plan for teams and organizations (Business). Premium plans are available with monthly or annual subscriptions.

The core functionality of the free app will remain the same—users will have the ability to make and share digital business cards, manage their contacts, and download virtual backgrounds and create email signatures that link to their electronic cards. For people that want to take their business cards to the next level with deeper card customizations, expanded contact management, and the removal of HiHello branding, then taking advantage of a premium plan is a great option.

So, what premium plans does HiHello offer, what is the cost, and what comes with each plan? Let’s break them down:

Premium digital business cards for individuals

There are two premium plans for individuals: HiHello Basic and HiHello Professional. Both plans offer monthly and annual subscriptions, and you can save 25% by going annual.

What is HiHello Basic?

HiHello Basic is a level up from the free plan and costs $3/month with an annual subscription (billed yearly), or $4/month with a monthly subscription (billed monthly). HiHello Basic includes everything in the Free plan, plus the ability to:

  • Create an unlimited number of digital business cards
  • Include videos on cards
  • Embed YouTube videos on cards
  • Customize the colors on cards
  • 10 paper card scans per month

What is HiHello Professional?

HiHello Professional is the most popular premium plan we’ve launched and costs $6/month with an annual subscription (billed yearly), or $8/month with a monthly subscription (billed monthly). HiHello Professional includes everything in the Basic plan, plus the capability to:

  • Customize the link to your card (for example,
  • Include your logo inside your QR code
  • Add notes and tags to contacts
  • Remove HiHello branding from your business cards, virtual backgrounds, and email signatures
  • Upgrade to 30 paper card scans per month
  • … And more!
HiHello Professional is a premium digital business card plan for individuals.

How do I sign up for the HiHello Basic or HiHello Professional plan?

If you’re an existing HiHello user, you can upgrade your account through the Pricing page on the HiHello website. After selecting the plan you want, you’ll be prompted to log in to your account. After purchasing a premium plan, you’ll be able to access all the features that come with your upgrade. 

If you’re a new user, once you purchase HiHello Basic or HiHello Professional you’ll be prompted to create your first digital business card. We recommend reading our Guide to Digital Business Cards to learn about everything you can add to your business card, as well as how to share your card, how to download virtual backgrounds, and how to create an email signature.

Please note that some features—like custom colors, personalized URLs, and branded QR codes—must be configured using the web app on a computer. To learn how to set these customizations, please read our blog post “How to Set Up Your Premium Account.”

Premium digital business cards for teams and organizations

If you’re looking to get your entire team set up with digital business cards, then HiHello Business is the plan for you. HiHello Business offers monthly and annual subscriptions. Prices vary depending on the number of users.

What is HiHello Business?

HiHello Business offers best-in-class digital business cards for teams and organizations with five or more people. HiHello Business includes everything in the Professional plan, plus business features like:

  • An administrative view of everyone’s digital business cards
  • Admin card control and the ability to lock down employee cards
  • A corporate address book with insight into each employee’s contacts
  • Onboarding services available at an additional cost
  • … and more!
HiHello Business is a premium digital business card plan for teams and companies.

How do I sign up for HiHello Business?

If you’re interested in learning about pricing for HiHello Business—or if you’re ready to get started—please fill out the form at the bottom of the HiHello Business page on our website and one of our account representatives will be in contact with you shortly.

Once the invoice has been processed, you’ll have access to your HiHello Business account and can begin creating your team’s digital business cards. To learn how to set up your account, please read our blog post “How to Set Up Your HiHello Business Account.”

What’s next for HiHello?

The current premium features on HiHello Basic, Professional, and Business are only the beginning of what we have in store. We have a mile-long list of exciting new features to add to our premium plans, like multiple card designs, analytics, more CRM integrations, custom sub-domains, and more. In the coming months, we’ll also be launching HiHello Enterprise for our largest clients. 

We love receiving feedback, especially when it comes to feature requests. If there’s something you’d like to see added to one of our premium plans—and has not been covered in our FAQplease reach out!