Set up your entire team or organization with enterprise digital business cards.

Set up your entire team or business with enterprise digital business cards from HiHello.
Line drawing of a digital business card.

Set up your team with digital business cards

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Build and boost brand awareness

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Collect all your business relationships in one place

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Track and analyze business engagement

Digital Business Cards

HiHello Business is the leading solution for digital business cards. We offer professional and customizable digital cards, suitable for teams and organizations of any size.

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Examples of digital business cards for individuals, teams, and companies.

Why digital business cards?

Contactless digital business cards

Go contactless

Paper business cards don’t have a place in a post-COVID19 world. Digital cards are germ-free, contactless, and can be easily shared with anyone, anywhere—no physical contact required.

An example of a title change on a digital business card.

Cut costs

Cut your business card budget by switching to digital. Anytime an employee gets promoted or changes teams, no need to order new business cards. HiHello for Business gives you real-time control over your team’s cards, and they can be updated or customized at any time.

Save the trees and planet by reducing your carbon footprint with digital business cards

Reduce your carbon footprint

Over seven million trees are cut down each year to produce paper business cards. (And roughly 90% of business cards are thrown away immediately!) By going digital, your company is doing its part in reducing its carbon footprint.

Enterprise Business Card Solution

Professional Business Cards

A name






Image or video


Contact information


Social media


... And more!

Three examples of professional virtual business cards for C-Suite, executives, and realtors.
Send your digital business card via text message.

Simple Card Sharing

HiHello works across all devices, and your team's digital business cards can be sent and shared with anyone, regardless if they have the app or not. Cards can be shared via:

QR Code



HiHello QR codes can be downloaded and included on any marketing and promotional materials and they will always link back to your card, as long as it remains active.

Corporate Branding

Brand consistency is important. While setting up your digital business cards, we’ll match your brand’s colors on your virtual card and customize your QR code, so that it includes your company’s logo mark.

Digital business card with a QR code and email and text sharing options with corporate branding
Example of admin control over a team's digital business cards.

Administrative Control

Using an administrative dashboard, you have direct insight and control over your teams’ digital business cards. Employees will not be able to edit their cards without going through the company’s administrator, ensuring a controlled and consistent brand experience.

Corporate Address Book

HiHello Business provides visibility into all the business relationships that your company develops. There’s no need for sales, marketing, and HR to have different contact databases, so centralize all your contacts with one, easy-to-use corporate address book. Every time a team member forms a new connection, that contact’s information goes directly into a shared corporate address book, allowing you to retain contacts indefinitely

A corporate address book with all of your employees' contacts.
HiHello for Business onboarding. Send you employees an email where they can claim their new company digital business card.

Easy Account Setup

After signing up for HiHello Business, you can begin creating personalized virtual business cards for each member of your team. For large enterprise companies, we offer a streamlined onboarding service at an additional cost.

Create a business card for each team member in the HiHello web app.

Once claimed, each team member will be directed to the App Store or Google Play to download the mobile app.

Email the business cards to your team for them to claim.

Once downloaded, they create an account and can begin sharing their digital business card!


  • ✓   Create unlimited digital business cards
  • ✓   Customize cards
  • ✓   Include images and videos
  • ✓   Add social media to cards
  • ✓   Custom card colors
  • ✓   Custom logomark on QR code
  • ✓   Admin control over employee cards and contacts
  • ✓   Unlimited card sharing
  • ✓   Unlimited contacts
  • ✓   Contact search and filters
  • ✓   Add notes and tags to contacts
  • ✓   Sync with Google Contacts
  • ✓   Virtual backgrounds for Zoom
  • ✓   30 human-verified paper business card scan per user per month (30 days)


Create unlimited digital business cards
Customize cards
Include images and videos
Add social media to cards
Custom card colors
Custom logomark on QR code
Admin control over employee cards and contacts
Unlimited card sharing
Unlimited contacts
Contact search and filters
Add notes and tags to contacts
Sync with Google Contacts
Virtual backgrounds for Zoom
(Add-on!) 30 human-verified paper business card scans per user per month
Onboarding assistance and premium support
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