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Where can I get HiHello?

You can download HiHello for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

How much does HiHello cost?

HiHello is free!

Is HiHello active on social media?

Yes, we are! We regularly post on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. Follow us to keep up with the latest product updates.

I’m running into a problem, how do I contact customer support?

Oh no! We’re sorry you’re encountering an issue. If you can’t find the answer on our FAQ page, you can contact customer support at

I love HiHello! How can I show my support?

We’re so glad you’re loving HiHello! We'd love for you to you leave us a review in the App Store or Google Play Store. Tell your friends about us too!

Where do I send feedback to?

We love receiving feedback, it’s how we make HiHello better! Please send any and all feedback to, or fill out a form on our Contact Us page.

I found a bug! What should I do?

If you found a bug, please fill out a form on our Contact Us page, or let us know at and we’ll do our best to get it fixed right away.

I’m interested in writing about HiHello, who should I reach out to?

Hi, hello 👋 If you’re writing an article about HiHello please contact and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! In the meantime, check out our press page

Where can I find your media kit?

You can view our media kit on our press page.

I’m interested in joining the HiHello team, are you hiring?

We’re flattered you’re interested in joining our team! Check out our careers page for openings. If you don’t see anything that’s a fit, feel free to drop us an email at and we’ll let you know if we think it’s a match!

I forgot my password. Can I reset it?

Absolutely! Follow these steps to reset your password:

  1. If you haven’t already, log out of your account.
  2. Tap “Log In”
  3. Enter in your account email, then tap “Forgot Password”
  4. Check your email for instructions on how to choose a new password

Can I change the email associated with my account?

Definitely! Go to your HiHello Settings and you’ll be able to change your email address there. Remember, the email address associated with your account is used for logging in and for all HiHello communications.

How do I delete my account?

We’d love for you to stay, if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better please email us at If you’re set on deleting your account, go to Settings and under Account, tap Delete Account.

How do I unsubscribe from marketing emails?

If you’d like to stop receiving marketing emails, please email us at

Why was HiHello created?

Connecting with the right person can be life-changing. HiHello was created because we want to help people grow and nurture their networks. To learn more, visit our About Us page and read HiHello CEO and Co-founder Manu Kumar’s blog post about what led him to start HiHello.

Creating Your Digital Business Cards

Can I make digital business cards without downloading the app?

Absolutely! You can make your own digital business card on any web browser, but if you’d like to share your card with anyone you’ll need to download the app on your iPhone or Android device.

Why should I have more than one card?

The great thing about HiHello is we let you make as many digital business cards as you like. Not everyone you meet needs access to all of your information. For example, if you’re at an event and you want to give out your email and not your phone number, you can give out your email card. We think everyone should be able to decide who gets what information.

How many digital business cards can I create?

You can make as many cards as you’d like.

What different cards do you recommend?

Everyone has their own preferences, but we recommend having cards for personal use, work, networking, your email, and your phone number. 

What information should I put on my business cards?

Anything you’d like! You can add your phone number(s), email(s), any social media handles, your company logo, and more! We recommend adding a video or live photo to your card as well—it’ll help you make a great first impression!

Is it okay to put social media handles on my digital business card? Is that unprofessional?

It’s absolutely fine to include your social media pages in your business card, so go for it! We will add, however, perhaps be conscientious with which handles you put on which card. For example, you may want your Twitter—not your Instagram—on a networking card depending on the kind of content you post.

How do I change the color of my digital business cards?

We have a number of colors you can use for your digital business cards! When you edit your card, there will be options for colors underneath your photo. Simply tap the color you'd like to use!

Any recommendations on what I should write in my business card bio?

It depends on what kind of card you’re creating. If it’s a networking card, perhaps list out your core skills and a few companies you’ve worked out. If it’s a personal card, maybe make it a little more fun and write a bit about who you are outside of work!

How do I add a live photo or video to my card?

Adding a live photo or video to your card is easy! Just like you would with a normal photo, tap the area of the card where you can upload a photo, and select “Choose live photo or video." Learn more about adding live photos and videos to your card in our blog.

Can I edit my video once I add it to my card?

All video editing should be done prior to adding the video to your card—you won’t be able to edit your video in the app. In HiHello, the preset video length and width is 1024x1024 (anything else will be cropped). The maximum file size for an uploaded video is 20MB.

Sharing Your Digital Business Cards

Can I share my HiHello card with someone who doesn’t have the app?

Definitely! You can share your HiHello card with anyone—even if they don’t have the app—via your QR code, email, link sharing, and more.

How do I share my card?

There are a few ways to share your digital business card. We recommend sharing it using your unique QR code, but you can also text, email, and share the link to your card. To share your card, simply double tap the card you’d like to share. From there someone can scan your QR code, or you can send someone your card using email, SMS, link sharing, and more.

How do I share my card using my QR code?

Every HiHello digital business card has its own unique QR code. Double tap the card you’d like to share and have your new contact aim their phone’s camera at the code. Your card will appear on their phone, and they have the option to save it. You can read more about HiHello QR codes in our blog post.

Can I print my HiHello QR code on my paper business card? Will it ever expire?

Yes, feel free to print your QR code on your (paper) business cards, marketing materials, on your thesis, etc. No, it will never expire—as long as you have a HiHello account, your QR code will always link back to your card. 

What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response. A QR code kind of acts like a barcode you’d see at a grocery store. When scanned with a smartphone, it’ll pull up the information it’s encoded with.

Why are you using QR codes?

QR codes make it very easy to share your digital business card with someone, even if they don't have the app. All the other person needs to do is point their smartphone’s camera at your HiHello QR code and then they’ll have all your information at their fingertips.

Business Card Scanner

Do I need to have a separate QR code scanner app to scan other member’s QR codes?

Nope, not at all. You can either use your smartphone’s camera, or you can use the Scan tab within HiHello. Learn more about scanning QR codes in our blog

How do I scan paper business cards?

If someone hands you a paper business card, we’ll digitize it for you and add it to your contacts list! Simply open the HiHello app, go to the Scan tab, and aim the camera at the business card. Once you submit it, a member of our team will transcribe it (AI is great but there’s nothing like a human touch!) and then once we digitize the card, we’ll add it to your contacts list.

How long does it take for you to transcribe paper business card scans?

Typically we can get to them within 24 hours. If you submit a scan over a weekend or holiday period it may take us a bit longer.

How many paper business cards can I scan?

You receive 10 scans every 30 days. Your scans will not accrue and are capped at 10/month. If you need more scan than that, contact us.

Who is reviewing and digitizing my business card scans?

We do everything in-house (we’re a small but mighty team!) so a member of the HiHello team is reviewing your scans.

Self-Healing Address Book

What does “self-healing” mean?

When we say “self-healing address book” we literally mean an address book that heals itself. Whenever a contact updates their information, your address book will automatically update. You’ll never have to worry about having outdated information again.

How do I organize my contacts?

There are multiple ways to organize your contacts! You can view them alphabetically or chronologically (as in, when you met this person), you can organize by contact type (work contact, personal contact, etc.), and you can view in a grid or list. We’re also planning on adding more filters, tags, and a search feature in the near future! Read more about organizing contacts in our blog.

What are HiHello Groups?

We automatically group your contacts based on which card you’ve given them. For example, if you give someone your work card, they’ll be in your work group. Read more about HiHello Groups in our blog.

Can I create my own groups?

Not quite yet but hang tight, it’s something we’re actively working on.

Can I send a message to everyone in my group?

Not at the moment, but you’ll be able to soon!

What’s a Live Contact™?

If you share your digital business card with another HiHello member, you’ll become live contacts. Whenever you update your card, they’ll automatically have your latest contact information (and vice versa!).

What do the emojis mean?

You have a keen eye! If any of your contacts have the lightning bolt emoji (⚡) next to their name, that means they are a live contact. 

Now, if you’ve synced your HiHello Contact List with your phone’s address book, in addition to seeing the lightning bolt emoji (⚡) you may also see the waving hand emoji (👋). Any contact with 👋 next to them means they were imported from your HiHello Contact List.

How do I add HiHello contacts to my iPhone address book?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add your HiHello contacts to your iPhone’s address book.

How do I add HiHello contacts to my Android address book?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add your HiHello contacts to your Android address book.

Can I add all of the contacts in my phone’s address book to my HiHello contact list?

Not yet, but you’ll be able to soon.

Can I send my updated card to everyone in my address book?

Not yet, but that’s something we’re working on!

HiHello Widget

What is the HiHello widget?

The HiHello widget makes sharing your card even faster. The widget allows you to share your digital business card from your lock or home screen. You can set up the HiHello widget on Android and iOS.

How do I set up a HiHello widget on my iPhone?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add the HiHello widget to your iPhone.

How do I set up a HiHello widget on my Android?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add the HiHello widget to your iPhone.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

How do I create a HiHello virtual background for Zoom?

Visit our blog to learn all about creating a HiHello background.

How do I add/change/use a Zoom virtual background?

Visit our blog to learn how to use a Zoom background.

What information is included on my HiHello background for Zoom?

The information on your virtual background is pulled from your digital business card. After you select which card to use, your logo, name, title, and company will be displayed on the upper left corner, and your QR code will be on the right. Anyone on the video call who aims their phone’s camera at your code will have full access to your digital business card. Visit our website for more information on HiHello virtual backgrounds for Zoom.

Do I have to have a HiHello account to make a Zoom virtual background?

To use our virtual background maker, yes. You’ll need to create a digital business card first, then we can link your card to your virtual background.

Where can I make my HiHello virtual background?

You can create your HiHello virtual background from Zoom on our website. Simply log in with the same information you used when you created your HiHello account, and then you’ll be able to create your own virtual background for Zoom.


Does HiHello sell my personal information?

No. Your personal information is, well, personal. It’s not in our business to sell anyone’s information.