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Share your digital business card by displaying your QR code on a virtual background during Zoom*, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet calls.

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HiHello's Co-founder and CEO, Manu Kumar, showing his free CEO corner office virtual background during a video call.

Transform your business card into a virtual background

Take your digital business card and transform it into a polished, professional virtual background. Your background will cleanly display your contact information when used on a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet call. Anyone on the video call who aims their phone’s camera at your QR code will have access to your full digital business card, allowing you to easily network with potential customers, clients, or investors.

What information is included in a HiHello background?

Choose between HiHello’s library of virtual background images or upload your own image. Your virtual background will encompass the information on your digital business card, including your: QR code, Name, Pronouns, Preferred name, Title, Company, and Logo.

Strengthen your organization’s brand presence

HiHello’s virtual backgrounds help maintain a consistent and professional brand identity during online interactions while acting as a lead generator. With HiHello Enterprise, administrators can create custom, company-branded virtual backgrounds for the entire team or organization.

Different images to use for a HiHello virtual background, including an office, the Golden Gate bridge, a city, the beach, CEO corner office, and a home.

How to Create a Virtual Background

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* Zoom refers to the leading cloud platform for video conferencing provided by Zoom Video Communications Inc. HiHello is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Zoom.