Get More Out of HiHello With the Web App

New to HiHello, or just an avid mobile user? Learn everything you can do with the web app in this article.

With HiHello, you can access your digital business cards from both mobile and web apps. With the convenience of creating, editing, and sharing your cards and managing contacts from wherever you are, HiHello’s apps make it easy to manage and grow your network

While you can access most HiHello features from both platforms, some features are more easily accessible on the web app. In this article, you’ll learn everything you can do with the web app. 

What is the HiHello web app?

The HiHello team knows we all spend a lot of time in front of our computers, and networking doesn’t always happen in person, which means sharing your digital business card via the mobile app isn’t always the most convenient way to exchange contact information. 

To help make sharing your digital business card easier from your computer, in 2020, we launched the web app. With the HiHello web app, you can do many of the same things you can do with the mobile app, like create and customize your digital business cards, view and organize contacts in the smart address book, and share your card. 

Additionally, accessing HiHello from your computer enables you to take advantage of other powerful features, including virtual backgrounds, email signatures, analytics, and more. 

How do I log in to the HiHello web app? 

Logging into the HiHello web app is simple with our Switch to Desktop feature. Open the mobile app, tap More, and tap Switch to Desktop. You’ll receive an email from HiHello with a link that automatically logs you into the HiHello web app—no password required. 

Don’t have the HiHello mobile app? You can also log in through our website at any time. 

What can I do with the HiHello web app? 

Create virtual backgrounds

Share your digital business card by displaying your QR code on a virtual background during video calls. With HiHello virtual backgrounds, you can turn your digital business card into a polished professional virtual background that cleanly displays the information from your digital business card. Present information like your name, pronouns, company, logo, and title, making you more memorable in every meeting. 

Learn how to make your virtual background: 

What to include in a virtual background

Generate an email signature

Adding an email signature to the end of every email allows anyone you email to open and view your business card right from your email signature. Create a unique email signature that is created from your digital business card and links back to it, so everyone you email can see your card and save it directly to their contacts. 

With multiple templates, HiHello’s email signature generator will enable you to customize your email signature to what suits you best—making networking, marketing, and sales that much easier. 

Learn how to create an email signature

What to include in an email signature

See your card analytics 

Have you ever wondered how many people view and save your digital business cards? In the HiHello web app, you can access analytics for each card, highlighting views, saves, and contacts associated with each card. 

For an even deeper dive into your card analytics, learn how to track your business card in Google Analytics and add Google Tag Manager to your business card

Please note that analytics are only available with HiHello Professional, HiHello Business, and HiHello Enterprise plans. If you are interested in upgrading your account, visit our pricing page.

See card analytics in the HiHello web app

Access more customization options

With the HiHello web app, you can upgrade from a free HiHello account to a subscription plan to unlock access to all of HiHello’s customization options. With HiHello Professional, you’ll gain access to unlimited cards, all of our card designs, custom colors, personalized URLs, branded QR codes, notes and tags for contact organization, CRM integrations, badges, and much more.

customize every aspect of your card in the HiHello web app

Manage your company’s cards

If your team uses HiHello as its digital business card solution, the HiHello web app is your hub for managing your team’s cards. From the HiHello web app, you can create templates and cards, add team members, create virtual backgrounds and email signatures for your entire team, manage CRM integrations, set up single sign-on, and more. 

Manage your entire team in the HiHello web app

Want to learn more about our solutions for teams? Find more information about our HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise plans on our pricing page.