Elevate Your Brand Presence With Custom Corporate Virtual Backgrounds

Create a powerful and consistent brand presence across every meeting with HiHello corporate virtual backgrounds. Learn how to create and provision custom virtual backgrounds for your entire team.

Between maintaining professionalism to building brand recognition, maintaining uniforming, and providing more information, every business should have their employees use virtual backgrounds. Virtual backgrounds can be a powerful tool for your team, and as an added bonus, they’re simple to create and distribute for any size company.

As virtual meeting etiquette indicates, we are often judged based on our surroundings, and creating a clean, professional background for your entire team is an important part of maintaining a positive perception of your company. But a blurred background or a picture of a random office or nature scene won’t cut it. 

Keep reading to learn how to make custom-branded virtual backgrounds for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or wherever you conduct virtual meetings or company live streams. 

Create virtual backgrounds for your entire team

What is the best background for corporate Zoom?

The best background for corporate video calls and live streams is a clean, professional background that includes important details like your company logo, the name of the person on the screen, and a way to access their contact details and other information about your company. 

How do I create virtual backgrounds for my company? 

Creating the best virtual backgrounds for your entire company is simple with HiHello. The HiHello virtual background generator allows you to set rules for your company backgrounds, so all you have to do is create a custom background that fits your branding. Each employee simply logs into their HiHello account to generate and download their background. 

With corporate virtual backgrounds through HiHello, you can choose things like acceptable background images, whether certain information like logo, QR code, name, accreditations, title, company, and pronouns should appear on the background, and where it appears. 

Once you’ve created your settings, you and your team can visit the virtual background page of the HiHello web app to download their virtual backgrounds and apply them to the video conferencing platform of their choice. 

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What should be included in company virtual backgrounds?

Your company's virtual backgrounds should showcase the best of your brand. Instill recognition in every meeting with logos, brand colors, and custom images that fit your company. With HiHello virtual backgrounds, you can even take this a step further and include a QR code that links to all of the most important information about your company, so everyone who sees your backgrounds can access all of the details they need. 

Ready to create virtual backgrounds for your team? Learn more about HiHello’s virtual background generator and all of HiHello’s other business solutions on the Pricing page.

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