What is CardDAV?

CardDAV is a protocol for sending contacts from place A to place B, and making sure those contacts stay updated in place B when the contacts change in place A. In other words, CardDAV allows you to get your HiHello contacts into other address books, like iOS Contacts. And when you get a new HiHello contact, or a contact changes, other address books will receive that change.

We chose to use CardDAV because:

  • It’s not invasive. You don’t need to give up permission to your non-HiHello contacts in order to receive your HiHello contacts
  • You can add your HiHello contacts to address book applications that may not be on your current device.
  • Unlike a one-time export, your contacts will continually update as you receive more.

To start using CardDAV to keep your HiHello contacts in other address books, you’ll need to perform a one-time setup. That setup will look a little different depending on the address book application you’re using, so we recommend learning about CardDAV setup on your current ios device or other address book applications.