Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

Take your Zoom* meetings to the next level with free personalized backgrounds from HiHello.


The future of meetings is remote.

Six professionals, including HiHello Co-founder and CEO Manu Kumar, having a business meeting over a video call. One is using a HiHello virtual background.

Working remotely has many advantages, but sometimes it’s easy to forget you have personal and professional brand presence to maintain during meetings. 

With Zoom meetings becoming more prevalent than ever, we all need a simple way to showcase our brand, and have a way to share our business cards in video meetings. So, we created HiHello virtual backgrounds for Zoom.

HiHello's Co-founder and CEO, Manu Kumar, showing his HiHello virtual background during a video call.

Professional, custom Zoom backgrounds

When you create a HiHello background, your digital business card is linked to a background image of your choosing. Use one of our pictures or upload your own—it’s up to you. After you add your background to Zoom, your information will be displayed cleanly, allowing you to continue your meetings with potential investors, clients, or customers with ease.

Brand presence is key

HiHello backgrounds are simple and professional. Your logo, name, title, and company will be displayed in the upper left corner to drive home your professional brand, and on the right will be your HiHello QR code. Anyone on the video call who aims their phone’s camera at your code will have access to your full digital business card.

Different images to use for a HiHello background, including an office, the Golden Gate bridge, a city, the beach, and a home.

* Zoom refers to the leading cloud platform for video conferencing provided by Zoom Video Communications Inc. HiHello is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Zoom.