Introducing the New HiHello Customer Help Center

Need help with HiHello? The new HiHello Help Center is here to help you find answers to all of your questions in one convenient place.

The HiHello team is delighted to share our new Help Center as a resource for all of our customers. Whether you have a question about creating a new card, upgrading your account, or sharing your HiHello card, our Help Center will help you find the answers you need quickly, all in one convenient place.

Our Help Center is here to answer any questions you have about HiHello

We’ve all been there - you’re on a roll in the middle of a project when you suddenly get stuck. With our new Help Center, when you have questions about your digital business cards or other HiHello features, you can browse by category - like “Email Signatures” - or search for keywords or phrases to find the answers you need. 

Get all of your questions answered

This instant, self-serve help will save you time while you create striking digital business cards. As you browse, you may even learn about new HiHello features that you haven’t tried yet!

Learn about all of HiHello's features

And, of course, if you still need assistance from the HiHello Customer Support team, we’ll be happy to help. You can easily contact support from within the help center by clicking the Contact Support link at the top of every page.

Contact HiHello support at any time

We’ve included a link to the Help Center at the bottom of every page of our website so you can jump to it instantly whenever you have questions. 

FInd the Help Center at the bottom of every page

With this new Help Center, HiHello is empowering all of our customers with the knowledge you need to create digital business cards that truly stand out, represent your brand, and help you strengthen the power of your network. Check it out here!

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