Importing Contacts From Google Contacts to HiHello on the Web App

Importing contacts from Google contacts allows you to easily access all of your contacts within the HiHello smart address book. This guide covers how to import contacts from Google to HiHello on the web app.

Importing contacts from Google allows you to easily access all of your contacts on HiHello. This means you can easily organize all of your contacts with the HiHello smart address book using groups, notes, and tags


To import Google Contacts to HiHello start by logging into the HiHello web app, then complete the following steps to set up Google Contact syncing:


1. Go to Settings and under Sync Contacts click Add Account, then click Connect Google. ‍

to begin importing contacts from Google go to your HiHello account settings

2. Sign in to your Google account.‍

sign into the account you would like to import contacts from

3. Select Allow.

select allow to begin importing contacts from Google

4. Select Upgrade Now or click the X to continue.

select upgrade to allow for two-way contact syncing, or click the x to continue importing from Google

A digital business card subscription is not required to import Google Contacts into HiHello. However, to import HiHello contacts into Google, a Professional, Business, or Enterprise plan is required.

5. Select Import Google Contacts to HiHello. 

select the toggle button to import the contacts from Google

6. Done! Your contacts will appear in your HiHello smart address book. 

Your contacts will begin to appear in your HiHello self-healing address book
Contacts will appear in a group named after your Google account and could take an hour to populate.  

You can also sync contacts from HiHello to Google Contacts on the web. To sync Google Contacts on the HiHello iOS app please view our guide.

Frequently asked questions

How often will my contacts sync?

With a HiHello Professional, Business, or Enterprise plan contacts will sync every six hours. For free users contacts will sync every 24 hours.

Can I add my HiHello contacts to my phone?

Yes, to add your HiHello contacts to your phone's built-in contact app follow the steps in our guides below:

How to Add HiHello Contacts to Your iPhone

How to Add HiHello Contacts to Your Android Phone

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