How to Set Up Your HiHello Business Account

Learn how to set up digital business cards for your entire team on your HiHello Business account.

Congratulations, you’re on your way to providing your team with company-branded, easy-to-use digital business cards! Now that you’ve signed up for HiHello Business you’re probably wondering, “Well, what’s next?”.

Follow this guide to learn how to create and customize digital business cards for your team, set sharing permissions, and get the most out of your HiHello Business account.

How to access your HiHello Business account

As the owner or administrator of your Business account, you’ll use HiHello’s web app to make and customize cards, set card permissions, add and remove members, view your teams’ contacts, and more. You can access your account at any time by logging in through HiHello's website.

Your account has two profiles: Company and Individual. Your Company profile is where you can create, edit, and manage your team’s digital business cards. Your Individual profile is where you’ll be able to share your business card. 

To switch profiles, click your name in the top right corner of your screen, then click Switch Profile, and click the desired profile.

Switch profiles on HiHello Business enterprise digital business cards
Easily switch between your Company and Individual HiHello profiles.

How to create and edit digital business cards

Once you're in your Company profile, you can begin making digital business cards for your team. To create your virtual cards, click the Cards tab, and then click the plus (+) Add Card icon on the top right corner of the screen. This will create a new card.

Create an employee digital business card on HiHello Business.
Click the plus (+) button to create a new digital business card.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a place for the “Card Name”—this is an internal name and will not be visible to anyone outside your organization. To keep your cards organized, we recommend using the employee’s name as the Card Name.

Start with a single card and set the colors and fields you want to appear on all cards (for example, a logo, company address, website, and main phone number) and then duplicate that card. Duplicating cards will help save time and will ensure the same basic information is on each card. Once duplicated, you can then go in and add each employee’s individual information to their card.

Save time making virtual cards for your employees by duplicating your digital business card on HiHello Business.
Creating a card template and duplicating it will help save time while creating digital business cards for your team.

Most account administrators want to create the cards themselves so they can control the information that is displayed. However, if you want your employees to fill in their cards themselves, you can create a card for them by clicking that same + sign, naming it, and then giving your team member Editor access to their card. (We’ll cover granting card permissions later on.)

Once you've created a card, you can begin filling it out. Virtually any information can be added to an electronic card—add a picture or video, a name, pronouns, title, company, a headline, and more. While you can learn about all the field types that are supported in our Guide to Digital Business Cards, the following features are available to you as a HiHello Business customer:

Live photo or video avatars

Replacing profile pictures with a live photo or video is a fantastic way to bring your team’s business cards to life. To add a live photo or video to a card, go to Edit mode and click Update photo. You’ll then have the option to include a live photo or video. Please note that all video editing must be done before adding the video to your card—you will not be able to edit your video in the web app. Videos will be automatically cropped to fit the ideal video dimensions of 1024x1024. The maximum file size for videos is restricted to 20MB, to ensure cards can load efficiently when being viewed.

Custom colors

Because you are a HiHello Business customer, you have the opportunity to completely customize the colors of your cards so that they’re following your brand guidelines. You’re always welcome to use one of our preset colors, but if you prefer to use your own you can select a color from the color wheel, use the color matching tool, or enter in specific RGB values.

In Edit mode, you’ll see four different color types to include on your card:

  1. Primary color - The primary color is the main color of your card design, and is visible on the wave and icons. It also appears on any hashtags or @ mentions. 
  2. Secondary color - The secondary color is visible on any buttons. For example, the “SAVE CONTACT” button would be in the secondary color.
  3. Primary accent - The primary accent is visible on the symbols inside the icons.
  4. Secondary accent - The secondary accent is visible on any text inside any buttons. For example, the words “Save Contact” would be in the secondary accent.

Customize the colors on your digital business card with the HiHello Business premium subscription plan.
Use the color picker to customize the colors on your team's digital business cards.

Once you set your colors, click Save to see how your card looks. Please note that while you’ll be able to see your card with its custom colors in the mobile app, configuring the colors must be completed within the web app.

Embedded YouTube video

Featuring a YouTube video on your card is a great way to display any brand marketing or promotional videos. In Edit mode, click the YouTube field, enter a link to the YouTube video you wish to embed, and then switch on the Feature toggle.


If your industry requires any credentials or affiliations to be listed on your business card, you can add one or more badges to your card. Badges are also a great way to display any awards that your brand has received.

Add credential or affiliation badges to your digital business card.

If you ever need to change any information within a business card, click the card you wish to update, and then click Edit. Cards can be updated at any time from the administrator account and will update in real-time.

How to customize URLs and QR codes

In Card Settings you’ll be able to customize each card, including setting a custom card link, adding a logo to your QR code, and pausing a card.

How to set a custom URL

HiHello Business gives you the option to customize the links to each team member’s digital business card. The link will always begin with the prefix “” but you can customize anything that goes after the “/.” To do this, select a business card, go to Card Settings, and then click Custom link. Type in the new slug, and then save.

Customize the link to your electronic business card and brand your QR code in Card settings
Customize the link to your card and add a logo to your QR code to brand your cards even further.

How to customize your QR code

You can also customize your QR code in Card Settings. Click QR code and you’ll be able to upload your company’s logo as a .jpg or .png. This logo should be a square logo, ideally 332x332 to fit in the available space on the QR code.

How to pause a business card

If you want to temporarily prevent a business card from being shared (for example, if an employee goes on leave), you can pause the card. Pausing cards will de-activate the card’s link and QR code until you turn the card back on. Please note that pausing cards will not affect billing or the number of seats in your subscription.

How to set card permissions

Now that you’ve created your team’s digital business cards, you can send them out to each employee. When provisioning the cards, you’ll need to assign one of two roles: Editor or Sharer.


Editors can edit, delete, and duplicate their digital business cards. Earlier we mentioned that if you prefer, once you create a card you can have an employee fill it out with his or her information (if you don’t want to do it yourself). By assigning them Editor access to their card, they’ll be able to fill out their card and update it as they see fit. 


Sharers do not have any editing privileges over their cards—the only action they can take is to share their cards. If you use the Sharer permission, you’ll need to edit and update the business card yourself, if the situation arises (for example, if an employee’s title changes). We recommend using Sharer permission if you want to ensure that all of your team’s cards are completely uniform.

Assigning Editor or Sharer access

Now that you understand the two different roles you can assign, it’s time to start inviting your employees to your business account. There are two ways you can do this:

Option 1: Send an invitation through the Company page.

1. Click on the Company Page.

2. Click Invite User.

3. Enter the name and email of the employee, select their card, and assign them Editor or Sharer access.

4. Click Send. This will send the employee an email for them to claim their card.

Invite user and select a role

Option 2: Send an invitation through Card Permissions.

1. Click an employee’s digital business card.

2. Click Card Permissions.

3. Enter the employee’s email address and assign them Editor or Sharer access.

4. Click Send. This will send the employee an email for them to claim their card.

Set admin or sharer access at a card level on HiHello Business.

Remember, card permissions are set on an individual basis, so you can make some employees editors and some sharers. After inviting a user, they’ll be sent instructions on how to claim their card.

While the card claim process is fairly straightforward, we recommend sending the following blog post to each team member in case they have any confusion: 

How to add more seats to your account 

As your team grows, you may need to add more users to your plan. To add more people to your account, start by creating a card for each new person. Then, click the Company tab on the left toolbar. Click Invite User and enter in their name and email address, and then select a card and card access level, and then send. Do this for each person you want to add to your Business account.

HiHello Business digital card user management screen
Add users to your account—and see any pending invitations—with the Company tab.

Email signatures and virtual backgrounds

While digital business cards are the core of HiHello, we offer other exciting and useful features like email signatures for Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail and virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. If you decide to utilize these additional features, it’s easiest if your employees log in to their accounts on the web app and download their email signatures and virtual backgrounds.

Here are a couple of guides that cover how to make the most out of these features:

Use your digital business card to create an email signature that links back to your virtual card.
Create an email signature that links back to your digital business card.

Additional resources

We regularly update our blog with guides and how-tos that will help you get the most out of your HiHello experience. Here are a few blog posts we recommend sharing with your team:

We hope your team enjoys their new digital business cards! If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact us at