How to Make a Digital Business Card on a Computer

Between remote meetings and virtual events, more and more people are switching to digital business cards. Follow these six steps to create a digital business card straight from your computer.

Between remote meetings and virtual events, more and more people are switching to digital business cards. That’s unsurprising, given that digital business cards are more affordable and sustainable than regular business cards. (As an added bonus, electronic cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere!)

A quick search in the App Store or Google Play store will yield a plethora of business card apps, but if you’re looking to make a free business card on your computer, check out HiHello. With HiHello you can create and customize your own virtual card in minutes, and add items like a picture or video, your Instagram, a Venmo handle, and more to your card. You can send the link to your card to anyone, even if they aren’t using HiHello. 

If you’re ready to up your remote networking game, follow these six simple steps to create a digital business card on your computer:

1. Go to the HiHello website and click “Join, It’s Free”

Make a free digital business card on your computer with the HiHello website

You can visit the HiHello website here

2. Click “Sign Up”

Sign up for a free HiHello: Digital Business Cards and Contact manager account

3. Select a card template

Work, personal, networking, friends, family, social media, events, and custom digital business card templates

Your cards are completely customizable. The cards shown on the screen are to give you an idea of what kind of cards you can make, and what could potentially go on those cards. You can edit the name—or any information—on your card at any time. 

4. Fill out your card and click “Next”

Create a digital business card. Fill in name, title, company, social media, and more on your virtual card.

Example of a filled out networking digital business card

5. Create an account to save your card

Create a free HiHello account to save, share, and send your digital business card

6. View, edit, and share your new digital business card

HiHello dashboard where you can see your virtual business cards

Example of a complete digital business card, QR code to share

You can share your digital business card with anyone, even if they don’t have the app!

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