How To Create an Apple Watch Complication for Your Digital Business Card

Share everywhere with the HiHello Apple Watch Complication. Learn how to add a Complication to your Apple Watch.

With HiHello, you can network everywhere when you share your digital business card using your Apple Watch. With Apple Watch Complications, you can access your digital business cards with a single tap right from your Watch Face. (Don’t forget, you can share HiHello’s business cards with anyone, even if they don’t have the app!)

Before you start sharing via your Watch app, update your HiHello app to the latest version. Then, follow these steps to add a HiHello Complication to your Apple Watch:

1. Open the Watch App on your iPhone and tap the Watch Face to which you want to add a Complication.

use the Watch app to create a complication for your digital business cards

2. Tap the Complication you would like to use.

Create a custom complication to share digital business cards on Apple Watch

3. Tap HiHello.

choose HiHello to begin sharing your business card on an Apple Watch

4. Tap Set as current Watch Face.

Save your watch face to share business cards on your Apple Watch

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