How To Change Digital Business Card Designs

Customize your digital business card with HiHello’s card designs. In this article, we show you how to change the design of your virtual business cards.

Creating a digital business card that perfectly matches your brand is easy with HiHello. With room for everything you want to share about your business, and the ability to customize the color and design of your cards, HiHello digital business cards are the perfect networking tool. 

Choose from our three distinct design options with a HiHello Professional, Business, or Enterprise plan. Keep reading to learn how to change the design of your digital business card. 

How do I change my digital business card design?

To customize the design of your virtual business card, start by logging in to the HiHello web app. Choose your card, click Select Design, and once your card design has been selected and saved, it will automatically appear on the mobile app. 


1. Choose a card.

Sign-in to the HiHello web app to choose a digital business card design

2. Click Select Design.

select from three different virtual business card designs with HiHello

3. Pick a new style, and click Apply Design.

Save your virtual business card design

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