How To Add an Email Signature to Gmail on The Web

Follow this guide to learn how to add an email signature to Gmail on the web and mobile.

Put your best foot forward when creating a professional email signature with HiHello’s email signature generator. When you use HiHello to create an email signature, it links all of your digital business card information, so whoever received your email can easily view and save your card.

If you use Gmail as your email provider, you’ll be able to use HiHello’s email signatures on the web. Start by learning how to create an email signature that links to your business card. Then, follow the instructions below to create an email signature on the web.

How do I add an email signature to Gmail on the web?

Adding email signatures in the Gmail web app is easy. Follow along with these seven quick steps to add a professional email signature to Gmail. 

1. On the Email Signature page on the HiHello web app, click Gmail and click Generate Signature.

HiHello email signature generator

2. Click Copy.

HiHello email signature generator

3. In Gmail on the web, click the Settings button and click See all settings.

Gmail quick settings menu

4. Scroll down to find the Signature setting, click Create New.

Gmail settings menu, open to signature settings

5. Enter a name for the signature and click Create.

"Name new signature" in Gmail email signature settings

6. Paste the email signature into the text box.

HiHello email signature pasted into Gmail signature box

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Gmail settings "Save Changes" button

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